Parish Council – Agenda – 6/9/2018

The Agenda for the meeting of Ashwell Parish Council to be held on 6 September 2018 at 7pm in Ashwell Village Hall.

1 Apologies received

2 Declarations of Interest

3 Minutes of the previous meeting to be agreed and signed

4 Matters Arising from the previous meeting.  Roadside advertising in Rutland.

5 Finance report from Tony Graveling

6 Planning report from Wendy Cheesman

Grainstore in Whissendine Road.  Ashwell House. St George’s Barracks.

7 Highways report from David Thwaites.

Mossy pavement outside 2 Cottesmore Road. Tar running on roads.  Straw bails spilled on roads. Children Playing notices. Large pothole Cottesmore Road repaired.  Notices of rail closures.  Travellers in Green Lane.

8 Public session. Please notify the clerk if you wish to speak to the meeting.

9 Police report for July/August

10 Correspondence

Poppies.  2019 elections. Rutland Local Plan.

11 Any Other Business for discussion at the next meeting.

12 Date of the next meeting.