Parish Council – Agenda – 19/3/2020

The Agenda for the meeting of Ashwell Parish Council to be held at 7pm on Thursday 19 March 2020 at Ashwell Village Hall.

1 Apologies for absence.

2 Declarations of Interest.

3 The Minutes of the previous meeting to be agreed and signed.

4 Matters Arising from the previous meeting.

5 Police report. Property marking event 16 April.

6 Finance report from Tony Graveling.

7 Planning Current applications list.
Local Plan for Rutland.
Ashwell Conservation Area leaflets from RCC.

8 Public Session. 10 minutes. Please notify the Clerk if you wish to discuss a subject concerning Ashwell.

9 Highways Travellers in Green Lane.
Cottesmore Road drains blocked.
Ditches, hedges and footpath in Oakham Road
Parking notice near village hall.
New road markings in Cottesmore Road.
Waste bins for Oakham Road.
Potholes, surface damage.

10 Bus services. Peterborough to Nottingham.
Address for complaints by bus users.

11 Correspondence: VE Day commemorations.

12 Crow scarers.

13 Tree meeting at Ketton.

14 Any Other Business for discussion at the next meeting.

15 Date and place of next parish council meeting May 2020.