Parish Council – Minutes – 12/9/2019

The Minutes of the meeting of Ashwell Parish Council held at 7pm in Ashwell Village Hall on Thursday 12 September 2019.

Present were David Pettifer (Chairman), Tony Graveling, Val Harvey. Clerk was Sally Harnett.
The Chairman welcomed the new councillor Val Harvey, and briefly explained the role of the parish council.

1 Apologies were received from Wendy Cheesman, working in France, Brian Farr, away from home, Ward Councillor June Fox, chairing a meeting at Rutland County Council.
Apologies were accepted.

2 There were no Declarations of Interest.

3 PC Laurie Appleton was working elsewhere, he sent a message detailing the North Beat, with no reported crimes for Ashwell.

4 Matters Arising from the previous meeting.
Painting of fences in Water Lane. APC was encouraged to receive notification that a resident had individually corresponded with Highways on the subject of RCC having responsibility for upkeep of the safety fencing at the brook. RCC are resisting painting the rest of the railings, stating APC should pay. APC believes that this would set a precedent, leading to more costs to APC. Resident informed that he will continue to correspond with RCC. It was decided that APC will write again to request RCC to complete the job.
Bus Services. A resident had complained to Centrebus that she had been left at various bus stops 3 times this year. The last time it happened she complained, was put off by Centrebus, but insisted on having her case reopened, and the case was proved. It was decided to insert an item in the Wellspring, with an address for complaints.
Electoral Roll rules. The Registration Officer confirmed that there is strictly no access to the full register for the public, the shorter register can be inspected at RCC.
The car in the field has been removed.

5 Finance report by Tony Graveling.
The present balance stands at £12104.21. This is higher than expected. A bank reconciliation was carried out on 28 June 2019. A request has been received for a donation to Rutland CAB since the last meeting.
Resolution: to donate to Citizens Advice Bureau £100.
Proposed by David Pettifer, seconded by Val Harvey, passed unanimously.
The Annual Return for 2018/2019 financial year is on the Parish Council website,
APC was informed that the cost of 2019 Parish Council Elections would be passed on to parishes. The cost of the uncontested election for Ashwell was £109.69, this has been paid to Rutland County Council.
An invoice for £60 was received from our Internal Auditor, Fiona Tylecote, and duly paid.
The Parish Council Insurance was renewed as agreed, at a cost of £274.96
APC has ample funds to purchase extra waste bins in the village if approved.
The cost of Wheelie Bin Stickers would be £62.50 per pack of 50. Possible streets would be Cottesmore Rd, Teigh Rd and Oakham Rd.
Wheelie bin stickers, it was unanimously decided against purchase by APC.
The Clerk was thanked and paid £473.80 for 40.6 hours work since 7 May 2019, plus £13.49 for diary, stationery and stamps.
The Chairman thanked Mr Graveling for his work and the report.

6 Planning.
The current year’s planning list was discussed, APC continues to forward comments and observations when requested to do so by RCC. An application is expected by RCC for 4 Church Close, meanwhile an Enforcement Order is still in place.
The Sustainable Communities Act Proposal by Barrowden Parish Council requires further study, and will be discussed at a later date. This proposal concerns the absence of control and co-operation between Planning Offices and Building Offices at County Council level. APC has taken up this issue several times in the past.

7 Highways
The literature illustrating the Proposal by RCC Highways for speeding control improvements was displayed, and APC unanimously agreed with the proposals. It was decided to reply to RCC with this agreement. APC will ask for clarification of the description “southern and western approach to Ashwell on Teigh Road”, para5, Recommendation.
The weeds in the street gutters have been placed on “Fix my Street”, an acknowledgement has been received. Details of “FixMyStreet” will be placed in the Wellspring, as the general public can use it to report matters.
The hedge at the bus stop causes danger to bus users, it obscures the view of the approaching bus to people waiting at the bus stop, and of approaching traffic for people trying to cross the road. The driver cannot see passengers at this request stop until very late. The clerk has written to RCC.
Request from resident for extra waste bins in Ashwell. 2 possible sites were discussed, in Oakham Road and in Cottesmore Road. The clerk will write to RCC for permission for bins.

8 No members of the public were present.

9 No further meetings have been attended.

10 Correspondence
Information regarding the maintenance records of the Defibrillator in the Ashwell Telephone kiosk has been requested by residents. It was stated that one parish councillor carries out detailed checks on the defibrillator every week, with a second councillor checking the unit in his absence. The checks are entered in a secure online website maintained by the Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT). CHT advises when changes of pads and battery are required.
The defibrillator is definitely always ready for use in an emergency
British Legion Appeal. More poppies will be needed for this November, due to storm damage last year.
The RCC Parish Council Forum was explained, there were no new items to be forwarded by APC for the next Forum Agenda, the meeting is on 21 Oct 2019. APC previously sent comments regarding the St George’s Barracks proposals, so will continue to watch for this to be on the Forum Agenda again.
It was decided to not give any formal reply to the East Midlands Airport Survey, as not being relevant to Ashwell.

11 AOB. Water Lane fencing. The Barrowden Communities Act Proposal.

12 The next meeting will be held on 12 December 2019, followed by 19 Mar 2020.
The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Signed Dated.