Parish Council – Agenda – 6/12/2018

The Agenda for the meeting of Ashwell Parish Council to be held on Thursday 6 December 2018 at 7pm in Ashwell Village Hall.

1 Apologies received.

2 Declarations of Interest.

3 The Minutes of the previous meeting to be signed.

4 The announcement of the death of Terry King.

5 Matters Arising from the previous meeting.

November poppies.    Date of elections in 2019.  Police report re August 2018, Ashwell.

Road conditions after summer heat wave 2018.

6  Finance Report by Tony Graveling.

Updating of Standing Orders.  Query financial obligation for Parish Council costs for


7 Planning Report by Wendy Cheesman.

Update on Farm Barn in Whissendine Road application.  Fence painting in Water Lane.

Garden structures.

8. Highways report by David Thwaites.

Neil Tomlinson winter service info email received.  Faulty street light in Teigh Road update.

Pavement re-surfacing request outside 4 Oakham Road.  Christmas bus service plan


9 Public session Please inform clerk if you intend to speak.

10 Police report

11 Correspondence

RCC new electoral register is complete.

12 Any Other Business – matters to be discussed at the next meeting.

13 Date of the next meeting,  date of 2019 AGM plus Annual Parish Meeting.