Parish Council – Minutes – 6/9/2018

The Minutes of the Meeting of Ashwell Parish Council held at 7pm on Thursday 6th September 2018 in Ashwell Village Hall.

Present were David Pettifer, Chairman; Tony Graveling, Vice Chairman;  Wendy Cheesman; David Thwaites.

1 Apologies received were from Brian Farr, away from Ashwell, and Ward Councillor June Fox, ill. Apologies were accepted.

There were no members of the public.

2 There were no Declarations of Interest.

3 The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed.

4 Matters Arising from the last meeting.

Councillor Fox is making enquiries at RCC about the increase in roadside advertising at roundabouts, the new standards provided by RCC are in a book 32 pages long. Clarification is needed in a briefer form.

5 Finance report from Tony Graveling.

The present balance stands at £10483.27. This is higher than expected. A bank reconciliation was carried out on 30th June 2018.  A request for a donation to Rutland CAB has been received since the last meeting.

Resolution: to donate £200 to the CAB, proposed by David Thwaites, seconded by Wendy Cheesman, passed unanimously.

The Annual Return for 2017/2018 is on APC website , as are minutes and agendas for meetings. The paper copies of the Return have been available to view by members of the public, with any queries being directed to the appointed Auditors PKF Littlejohn.

APC was informed in late May that the cost of Parish Council Elections would be passed on to parishes in 2019. These costs have been assessed as:-  uncontested election – £187.69; maximum cost for contested election – £928.61. It has been advised that an extra 15% be added to totals for increased costs, so maximum cost approximately £1000. These election cost payments may be split over the next 4 years’ precepts. This expenditure will have to be added to next year’s Budget and taken into account when applying for 2019/2020 Precept.

Funds have been put by as RCC have stated that APC may be due to pay for a Speed Indicator Device.         It was decided to wait until the Manor Farmyard development was completed.  Possible compulsory payment by APC toward the Teigh Road footpath is also in hand.

Finally, the clerk was thanked and wages of £389.16 for 34.5 hours work since May 31, also £3.16 for stamps.

The Chairman thanked Tony Graveling for his report.

6 Planning report from Wendy Cheesman.

Discussion took place about St George’s Barracks plans as proposed by RCC. APC is not in favour of the large size of the development, with regard to the small rural county of Rutland. The infrastructure of Rutland will not cope with the proposal. APC sent a letter to RCC stating its objections to the proposal. Figures found in the Rutland Local Plan indicate that Uppingham is listed as needing to provide fewer dwellings if the current plan went through, so lifting the pressure from Uppingham.  It was felt by Ashwell councillors that comments from parish councils are likely to be ignored, thus making their work rather pointless.

Recent planning applications in Ashwell were listed.

The Chairman thanked Wendy Cheesman for her report.

7 Highways report from David Thwaites.

The dangerous mossy condition of the pavement near the postbox in Cottesmore Road has been treated by RCC.  A watch will be kept on this area in particular, in constant use by pedestrians. The bad condition of Cottesmore Rd after the heat wave melted the tar on the hill near the museum has been reported, RCC Highways will mend this during this financial year.  This very uneven surface is now dangerous to cyclists, and was especially so when the melted tar was running downhill.

Farm vehicles driving through Ashwell with unsafe loads of straw resulted in a bale falling off into the road at the junction of Langham Road with Oakham Road, the straw was in danger of blocking drains, and had to be cleared.  Falling bales could cause physical injury to residents.

The well area is in need of tidying and clearing. RCC will be asked to add this area to the contractors list.   It was suggested that a path could be cut through to the well, with the rest of the area left suitable for wildlife.

The travellers have left Green Lane, but have left many bags of rubbish, RCC has been informed.

The mobile cameras in Teigh Road and Cottesmore Road often do not show drivers’ speeds, but it is believed that they still record the speed for records.

Correspondence is continuing with Highways to attempt to maintain the safe access to the path on the Oakham Road, a very long-standing problem.  The field hedge has grown into and across the ditch, seriously obstructing the path and needs uprooting in these areas.  It has been cut back occasionally, but the cuttings were thrown into the ditch, making the problem worse. RCC will be reminded again of the problem.  There is now a new officer at RCC who has responsibility for footpaths and cycleways.

RCC will be contacted regarding the poor state of the bus stop signs in Oakham Road.

The Chairman thanked David Thwaites for his report.

8 There were no subjects raised by residents of Ashwell.

9 The police report from PC 1742 Laurie Appleton was read out, and APC will ask for details of the incidents naming burglaries and theft in Ashwell in August 2018. Police advise that rural residents take great care over parking and locking their vehicles.

PCSO Lauren Orgill is leaving to train as a police officer,  Ashwell’s new Police Community Support Officer is 6516 Di Freeman. Her contact details are

Residents are reminded to report anything suspicious on telephone 101 or 999, or email

A beat surgery will be held by PC Appleton at Thistleton Church coffee morning on Saturday 15 September.

10 Correspondence:

Notification of the dates for elections in 2019 is on the RCC site.  Elections are normally held on the first Thursday in May.  Parish council, County Council and European Parliament elections are due.

To commemorate the end of World War 1, it was decided to buy poppies to display on lamp-posts throughout the village from November till the end of December.

Proposed by David Thwaites, seconded by Tony Graveling and passed unanimously.

11 AOB

Tony Graveling stated that the Standing Orders are to be updated and will need to be approved at the next meeting.

12 The date of the next meeting will be Thursday 6 December 2018.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.10pm


Signed:                                                                      Dated