Parish Council – Agenda-15/3/18

The Agenda for the meeting of Ashwell Parish Council to be held on Thursday 15 March 2018 at 7pm in Ashwell Village Hall.

1 Apologies

2 Minutes of previous meeting to be agreed and signed.

3 Declarations of Interest

4 Police report

5 Matters Arising from the previous meeting.

Benches and shelters.  Weed spraying.  Langham Road trees. Green waste collection.  Caravan by post box.  Drains in Cottesmore Road.  Children Playing notices.

6 Data Protection Officer requirement.

7 Parish Council Forum

8 End of WW1 in 1918

9 Public debate 15 minutes. Please contact clerk if you wish a subject to be raised.

10 Finance report by Tony Graveling

11 Highways report by David Thwaites.

a- Railway crossings closures dates.  b- Parking at Village Hall.    c-RCC parking sign.  d-Traffic speed checks.   e-Roadside advertising.  f-Potholes.  g-Forestry query from RCC, reply by end of March. h-Puddles in Brookdene.  j-Grit bins.

12 Planning report by Wendy Cheesman.

a-Results of meeting with Gary Pullman.  b-Manor Farmyard planning conditions.  c-Business Park traffic.  d-Consultation Draft Plan naming district of Langham as Ashwell South.

13 Correspondence received: a-Councillor Mentoring. b-tree warden.  c-Rutland Poppy Project.  d-thefts of red telephone boxes.  e-police matters in disasters.

14 AOB for discussion at next meeting.

15 Date of next meeting = first: annual parish meeting of village residents, followed by second: – annual meeting of Ashwell Parish Council 2017-2018.