Parish Council – Minutes – 30/11/17

The  Minutes of the Ashwell Parish Council meeting held at Ashwell Village Hall at     7pm on Thursday 30th November 2017.

Present were David Pettifer, Chairman;  Tony Graveling, Deputy Chairman;  Wendy Cheesman;  Brian Farr;  David Thwaites.

Clerk was Sally Harnett. There were no members of the public.

1 An apology was received from June Fox, attending another meeting.

2 There were no Declarations of Interest.

3 The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed.

4 a) Bulbs have been planted throughout Ashwell, thanks were expressed to members of the

Parish Council for performing this task.

b) The hedge and the roadside bush in Cottesmore Road have been cut back, visibility is

now improved.

c) Some clarification is needed from RCC regarding the ownership and care of trees on the

green in Langham Road. It is uncertain who will pay for pruning, etc.

d) RCC has said it will make effort to alter the name Ashwell South for the Rutland Garden

Centre area on the next Local Plan. It was decided to pursue this further, as the plan

circulated was labelled a Draft Plan.

e) Tony Graveling assisted by Mike Harnett, has treated the memorial seats with oil, thanks

were expressed by the councillors.

5  Village Decorative Sign  This is in hand, being organised by the volunteers in the village.

6 Finance report by Tony Graveling.

The present balance stands at £8779. This is again higher than expected. The Chairman’s Allowance of £50 was used to contribute to a presentation to the outgoing Village Hall Committee on 26 October.  Invoicing for street lighting has been brought forward to January under the new charging scheme which means that APC will have to pay two invoices in this financial year.  A budget for the 2018/2019 financial year has been prepared.  Certain contingency sums have been included to cope with possible extra expenditure.  The government at present is giving consideration to capping increases in the expenditure of councils.

Resolution: Approval to accept the proposed budget for the 2018/2019 financial year.

Proposed by Wendy Cheesman, seconded by Brian Farr, passed unanimously.

Resolution: Approval to apply for a Precept of £3500 for the 2018/2019 financial year.

Proposed by David Pettifer, seconded by David Thwaites, passed unanimously.

Pads for the defibrillator were renewed in October at a cost of £39.60.

Fiona Tylecote has agreed to act as Internal Auditor for Ashwell Parish Council for the year ending 31 March 2018.

It was decided to contribute £50 towards the local Food Bank organisation.

The clerk’s wage of £300.12 for 27 hours 10 minutes work was paid, the clerk was thanked for her work..

Tony Graveling was thanked by the Chairman for his report.

There was some discussion on the cost of a footpath along Teigh Road. In the plans the developer of Manor Farmyard will be responsible for building a path.  Ashwell Parish Council will observe as the development proceeds.

7 Planning report by Wendy Cheesman

The Manor Farmyard development has been approved for 10 dwellings.  It was decided to keep close observation on the progress as it happens. Planning officer in charge will be consulted as necessary.

Wendy Cheesman was thanked for her report.

8 There was no public discussion.  Residents have noted that a caravan has been parked on the lane beside the post box and telephone box, a public highway within the Ashwell Conservation Area.  This affects parking for church-goers and secure parking for the postman collecting from the box. Highways will be informed.

9 Highways report by David Thwaites.

a) It was decided this not being RCC, Ashwell would not purchase stickers.

b) The SID is now ongoing again since the development of Manor Farmyard has been

approved. It has been noted that the new speed indicator at Market Overton seems to be

an improvement on the earlier designs, of which Ashwell has two.

c) Weeds in gutters. It is not known what the current policy is at Highways RCC, enquiries will

be made.

d) Speed Watch group, no news had been received by APC.

e) It appears that leaves have been cleared from pavements and over drains at the foot of the

hill in Cottesmore Road..

f) There are new rules involving safety of the public for street signs. Street furniture was not

mentioned in the policy, Tony Graveling has contacted Neil Tomlinson, but has had no

response.  It was decided to request replacement of the “Children Playing” signs in

Langham Road with identical signs. (Tish Barnwell at RCC)

g) New street lighting costs. The unit cost of electricity is up this year, so although the

estimated annual cost had  gone down, APC will be paying similar amount as before.

h) The 2018 village litter pick will be fixed for March 2018, when the village hall is available..

The new resident at Waterlea, Brookdene, has informed that the whole hedge is being

renovated and will be infilled with hawthorn. She apologised for the current messy

appearance, but assured APC that it will look good later.

Highways have informed of a road closure at Whissendine Road crossing from 10pm on 21st  till 6am 23rd February 2018. The editor the New Wellspring will be informed for the January issue.

10 Data Protection. It is now necessary to appoint an Officer to protect data on any individuals APC has contact or contracts with. Clerk is appointed Data Protection Officer.

11 It was decided that the Minutes will continue to be kept in paper form for all time. It was

decided to keep paper copies of Planning Decisions, but not plans as these can be viewed

on line.  Each councillor could take some of the old paperwork and reclaim, shredded paper

can now be included in the reclaim bin, as long as something heavier is placed on top of it.

12 The October Police report was read out by the chairman.  Residents are urged to lock their

vehicles even when working nearby, as there has been a spate of theft from vehicles.

There is a new PCSO for Rutland North, 6115 Lauren Orgill.

12a Correspondence. The Government has decided to reverse its decision to close Glenfield

Heart Hospital. This valuable hospital will now continue to function.

It has been confirmed that the 747 bus service from Uppingham to Leicester is to continue

throughout 2018.

12b No AOB was listed.

13 The next meeting was fixed for 15 March 2018, provided the hall was available.

The meeting was declared closed at 7.55pm


Signed:                                                                        Dated: